Xrev Freebies is a suite of products that we've developed that provide quick time saving features.  The freebies suite will be an increasing list of products.  Our hope is that you'll be so impressed with what's free that you'll review our paid products and see the huge benefits in those as well.

Xrev View Box

Xrev View Box is the first tool of the freebies suite.  View Box enables you to select any element or elements in the model and in a single operation:

  • Create a 3D View,
  • Isolate the elements so nothing else is visible,
  • Name the view,
  • Control the offset of the section box,
  • Hide the section box

This tool was originally developed internally for Revit projects where we were producing shop drawings in Revit and also for generating laser cut files.  If that's what you are trying to do then this tool could save you a lot of time!


Xrev UpRev

Xrev UpRev enables you to quickly apply a revision to many sheets. Simply select the Revision you wish to apply, then select all the sheets you want to apply it to, click OK and its done!


No longer will you have to go into each and every sheet and go into the Edit Revisions dialog and tick on the applicable revisions! Or use workarounds like placing a cloud on the sheet and copy/pasting it to selected views.


Download now and start saving time for free!