About Xrev Pty Ltd

Xrev Pty Ltd

Chris Price (co-founder) has extensive knowledge of Autodesk Revit (daily user since 2001) producing a large variety of different types of projects from small office fit-outs to multi-billion dollar defence, health and infrastructure projects.  As such, Chris has developed a broad and extensive understanding of what the current software, Autodesk Revit, can and cannot do.  From this experience, Chris understands what the pain points are for our customers and has hands on experience achieving the desired outcomes and deliverables.

Matt Siebert (co-founder) has over 10 years experience in IT, Technical Support, Software Programming and Development.  He has an advanced skill level in C# and SQL particularly on the .NET platform.  He has also intermediate skills in Delphi, Visual Basic and XML.  As the key programming languages and platforms for Autodesk API's are C# and .NET this makes him ideally suited to this development. 

Xrev has used this knowledge and skill and spent 10 months developing Xrev Transmit whilst operating at Cadway Projects Pty Ltd.  The Xrev Transmit product went live to market in April 2011.  Since, we have had a tremendous level of interest in the software and quotes to supply 100’s of licenses have been produced to companies both nationally in Australia and internationally. This is largely due to our user friendly workflows, ease of installation and fantastic time saving features.

In January 2012, the Xrev founders established Xrev as its own company independent of Cadway Projects Pty Ltd and the co-founders ceased to be employees of Cadway Projects Pty Ltd in order to concentrate full time on developing the Xrev business.  In the first month of operation in the new structure Xrev Pty Ltd efficiency dramatically improved and we were able to concentrate more dynamically on the immediate needs of our customers.

Xrev to date has accumulated a database of hundreds of companies interested in Xrev products.  Xrev has conducted numerous surveys to identify user feedback on the products 100% of which is very good or excellent and 100% of users who have purchased one of the Xrev products has recommended it to others.